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  • Исполнитель: MIIDAS
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  • Длительность: 4:36
  • Лейбл: KULTIZDAT
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Текст песни Oк
Closed circle, no outsiders
Everything I touch turns to gold I’m king midas
Got a jet plane vibe I’m smoking and getting higher
The roses up in my garden are flourishing for the tiger.
For the tiger the writer the soul fighter
The provider, the silence that comes after riot
Never take me for a pussy you are dressed in the wrong attire
Stay quiet or get silenced
I’m King midas! I’m King midas!
Everything I touch to gold to breathe fire
Everything I touch turns to gold won’t expire
I’m hoping to reach higher than sopranos in a choir
I’m king midas! I’m king midas
Got a vision a mission to build an empire
Got a bitch wishing to trap me down for my children
But if you don’t put in work then your gonna get fired bitch!
I’m king midas! I’m king midas!
Sitting on the throne so I don’t get tired
I was broke now I got everything I require
Catch a foe catch me building webs around a spider
I’m king midas! I’m king midas!
I could have your chick but she’s not what i desire
My drivers are ex wired survivors are getting hired
You are fighting with iron giants
You better ring out the sirens
I’m king midas! I’m king midas!
Know I got talent for years won’t retire
I’ma bring the house down with a bonfire
Know its quick to catch a snake i spot liars
I’m king midas! I’m king midas!
Know i got a queen and she keeps me inspired
Catch me sipping lean going through these x files
Trynna figure out how to tame a wild lion
I’m king midas! You are fuck boy wired
Im flyer than pilot looking over the orison
Rhyming like titan spitting venom like python
Il bite your ear off cuzzy Im Mike Tyson
I’m king midas! I’m king midas!
Still going strong got powerful alliance
Still on road taking care of my clients
I was brought up to be aggressive and defiant
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